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Caxton FX – MasterCard Holders


To use the Caxton FX Android™ MasterCard App you need to be an existing Caxton FX customer. The App allows you to manage your Caxton FX card from your Android device allowing you to keep track of spending abroad.Our currency card provides great value and safe, hassle-free spending abroad. You will get the best money exchange rates whenever you use it and we don’t charge commission.
Our travel money app allows you to:
- Top up your currency card – wherever you are in the world you can top up the balance on your travel card in just a matter of minutes.- Check your balance – you can keep up to date with your balance throughout your trip, helping you to budget as your travels continue.- Monitor your spending – as well as checking your balance, you can track your spending by viewing your transaction history.- Security – the app is password protected and hosted on a secure server, and no account information is stored on your handset.
The Caxton FX currency card and app will be the most useful things you take away with you. Looking like a regular credit or debit card but offering so much more, the currency card:
- Locks in the exchange rate, so you get no nasty surprises from sudden fluctuations.- Provides fee-free purchases.- Withdraws cash from ATMs at no charge.- Is Chip & PIN secure.
And that’s not all. Caxton FX currency card customers can enjoy a range of benefits, including:
- 2 for 1 lounge access at No.1 Traveller airport lounges.- Up to 20% off car hire with Affordable Car Hire.- Up to 20% off airport parking with SkyParkSecure